Mother Payton

Friday, July 22, 2011

Payton is such a good little mommy to all of her babies.
She wraps them,
holds them, pats them,
sings to them & then puts them to bed.
It's a very big job but someone has to do it!

We are in TROUBLE!!!!

We are in TROUBLE because
Guess who's walking!
The best part about her starting to walk is that her personality just shines now. She's silly, she's serious & she is fun!
Just look how happy she is! This is what freedom looks like.
I don't know what it is about the tongue being out but both my girls have their tongues out when they are concentrating about something.
For some reason it is always easier for babies to walk while they are holding something. This time it was the lens cap for my camera.
But all good things must come to an end.
And it's not always a happy time either.
But once she got the hang of it there was no stopping her. She's into EVERYTHING now but she is so happy & becoming good friends with Payton.

Fort Matanzas in St. Augustine FL

We had the greatest luck when we went to go visit Fort Matanzas. They were having a "Living History" day where they had people dressed as sailors & they shot off the cannons.They shot off a barrel full bread but don't let that fool you... it was loud & you felt it in your chest. I had Katie's ears covered & Payton was ready with her ears covered.
Other than the fact that it was really, really hot we had a lot of fun.
I loved this picture because the sailors were sitting there just smiling at Payton while she was taking her picture.
Payton wasn't all that interested in walking thru this "boring, old building thing" (her words not mine) until I showed her something that was "so cool"
They used coquina (crushed shells) to make the walls & it became a game to see if we could find big shells in with all the little ones.
Our little model allowed us to get a few shots of her. I love that her hair is starting to show signs of curling! It's just not long enough yet to see if it will be as curly as Payton's.
Payton loves getting in pictures with her sister.
This whole area was so pretty.
I have to explain the flag. The sailors that were 'manning the fort' were British so thus the flag.

One of the few family pictures that we have. Not too bad.
I just love this face that Katie gives us. In order to get to the Fort we had to take a ferry over & the girls enjoyed it.
This is Katie's favorite place to be.
We are having so much fun in Florida!

Downtown Disney

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Being so close to Walt Disney World we had to go at least to Downtown Disney. Donald & I didn't tell Payton that there was a Disneyland here in FL because we weren't sure when we were going to be able to go & didn't want to be pestered every day about it.

We were there about 5 minutes when the questions started. "hey why is there a statue of Cinderella?"

"Why is there a Snow White made out of legos? & the dragon & Prince Philip?"
"Wait a minute is that a Cinderella pumpkin carriage on top of that store!"

We were in the World of Disney store waiting in line to check out (we'd been at Downtown Disney for about 40 minutes or so) & I said, "Payton where do you think we are? Have we ever been to a store like this that wasn't in the mall?"

A huge smile came across her face "Are we at Disneyland?" Yup we are, but we aren't going to where the rides are until Daddy is with us so he can have fun with us. "So we really are here?" Yes we are. "So that means Grandma lives close to here" No this is the Disneyland in Florida not in California. "Oh, well that's okay at least I can have Disneyland even if I can't have Grandma!"
At the Lego store Payton made a car & raced it & won!
I think it had something to do with her own little person touch that she included. Do you see it?
Leave it up to Payton to find a stray flower on the floor & add it to her lego car.
"But Mom how would everyone know that this was a girls car when I don't have any glitter, glue or beads?" That's my girl!! So very true, how would they?

Orlando Splash Park

Our first weekend in town Donald went to Texas to go to a wedding & the girls & I headed down to Orlando to spend the weekend at our friend Naomi's house. It was so much fun & so perfect since I didn't want to be by myself with the girls in a new city.

Naomi had the perfect idea to take the girls to a splash park. The girls both had a great time!

The picture below is a perfect representation of Payton while we were there... running from one thing to the next & having a great time.
All she needed was a friend to run around with. Unfortunately she didn't make a friend until right before we left.
Katie wasn't walking yet but still had fun.

She was happy walking around or just sitting.

Katie getting tired.
I love that instead of getting grumpy & whinny she cuddles.
Below is another thing that I love. She puts her head down on my shoulder & then reaches up & puts her hand my cheek. Most of the time she just puts it there but sometimes she rubs my cheek. It's so sweet until of course she decides to claw me & grab my face, otherwise it's so sweet! That's just like Katie - a little sugar & spice!
Now that I'm thinking about it that is the perfect phrase to explain Katie! A little bit of sugar & spice!

Sometimes it's hard being 1

Monday, July 11, 2011

A few days after we arrived our normally happy baby was not so happy! Cranky Cranky Cranky! Yes finally teeth right? No not yet!
Such a sad face!
It's so hard being 1!

Our first trip to the beach!

The 2nd day after we arrived to took our first trip to the beach. We are only 15 minutes away from the beach & I can already tell we will be here a lot. We were concerned that Katie would not like the sand. She really REALLY doesn't like grass & I was sure that it would be the same with sand. I was wrong! She loved the sand so much she was storing some for later!
East Coast beaches are so much better for kids. It is shallow for a long time & there are no waves to slam you into the sand. Heaven! I tell ya, heaven!
Katie is turning out to be our little water baby!
Katie was not phased at all when the water got a little deep.
Loving every minute of it!
Payton loved being there too. She spent a lot of time just laying in the water.

Since she wasn't walking yet she crawled everywhere. I was surprised that she only had a few scratches on her knees at the end because there were a lot of shells on the ground.
And yes she would crawl straight into the water.
No fear!

She was very happy until all of a sudden she put her head down & we knew she was almost done.
She was still really good for a while longer.

My happy little beach girls! They had such a good time & I'm so glad that it is so close!